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Hi! My name's JJ Barnes. I'm a writer, filmmaker, mother, coffee addict, spaniel owner, and a big fan of pizza. On this site you can find links to all my work including my books, videos and film work.

To support the parents and kids during self-isolation because of Coronavirus, I'm putting out free educational content for homeschooling kids. I'm doing bitesize creative writing lessons on YouTube to help your children become better and more confident writers.

Come find me on social media to talk writing, films and more.

Hollowhood, written and created by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, produced by Artisan Films and Siren Stories


Hollowhood is the first film written and created by Jonathan McKinney to be made. We are currently in post-production and you can find videos from behind the scenes on YouTube.

Olivia hopes to rekindle her romance with ex-girlfriend Penny on their Halloween weekend away with friends, but soon she's more concerned with surviving.

Due for a Halloween 2020 release.

Books by JJ Barnes, The Lilly Prospero Series, Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven


I currently have four books out, including The Lilly Prospero Series, Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven, and Nature-Girl Vs Worst Nightmare which I wrote with my six year old daughter.

I write about magic and adventure with a focus on female characters.

They're all available in paperback, kindle, and kindle unlimited!

Creative Writing For Kids - Free educational material on YouTube to teach children how to write during home schooling and self isolation


Whilst the schools are closed and the children are all at home, I'm putting out free educational videos to help children become better and more confident writers.

I'm breaking writing lessons into easy bitesize chunks, referencing children's books and Disney movies.

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With Jonathan McKinney, I am putting out free writing advice to support other writers, in easy to understand bitesize chunks.

Each piece of advice is available in a video on YouTube and written out to read on my blog.

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