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I'm JJ, and my business is stories. I write them, film them, and teach you how to create them yourself.


In How To Write A Story I cover everything from how to start your story, how to finish your story, and everything in between. Hopefully I can make you a better and more confident writer!

My fictional work is all set in the SSU (Siren Stories Universe) and I love to write stories about girls holding hands and fighting monsters. I love magic, mystery, danger and adventure. My books are all available in paperback, kindle, and free to read on kindle unlimited.

I'm currently releasing writing advice to hep support my fellow writers on my blog and on YouTube. Come and drop me some comments with what you're working on, and any questions you have that I could help with!

On this site you can find links to all my work including my books,  my YouTube videos, my writing advice blog, and the film and TV work I have in production.

Come and find me on social media, I'm always chatting writing and filmmaking, as well as sharing pictures of my dog and the shenanigans my children get up to!