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Experience Lost Podcast featuring JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney
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Experience Lost

Every week on Experience Lost, JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney will be doing an episode by episode breakdown of the TV series LOST. They will look at the events in each episode, the characterisation, and the writing. They'll discuss the hints and foreshadowing for future events, but NO SPOILERS so if this is your first time through, you can listen along as you watch.

If you're ready for the SPOILERS and want a deeper dive into the episode, they're releasing a second LOST podcast on Patreon. For $1 a month you can listen to them discuss all the foreshadowing and build up in each episode, and work out how much was planned from the start.

The Experience Lost pocast is available absolutely FREE on iTunes and Google Podcasts. You can also come to the Experience Lost Facebook page where we'll post pictures and links as well as questions, so come and talk about what you think of each episode and whether you agree with their anaylsis!

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