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Gracemarch written and created by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, produced by Artisan Films and Siren Stories
Mirror Mirror TV series scripts available from JJ Barnes
Phantasm Five TV Series scripts by JJ Barnes
Outsiders script by JJ Barnes for TV
Bonded By Magic children's televisionscript by JJ Barnes for TV
What Ivy Wants film movie script by JJ Barnes
They're In The Dark film movie script by JJ Barnes
Gracemarch on IMDB by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney

GRACEMARCH written and created by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney


Urban Fantasy / Thriller

When Jane and Cassie Waters learn that their mother has died, they return to clear out their childhood house, whilst an agent with mysterious organisaion The Commision, Leo McTavish follows them.

Whilst looking through their mother's belongings, Jane and Cassie uncover long hidden secrets about their mother's past, find evidence of witchcraft, demons and magic, and soon realise they're not alone...

Gracemarch is an urban fantasy thriller series following Jane and Cassie as they discover a world of magic, danger and murder, that their mother knew so well, and they were born into.

Who is the mysterious agent Leo McTavish? What really happened to their little sister Susie? And who...or really in their mother's home?

Find out soon in Gracemarch.

MIRROR MIRROR written and created by JJ Barnes


Teen / Urban Fantasy

Whilst escaping school bullies, Kayla Rose accidentally discovers the magic mirror that belonged to the Wicked Queen in the Snow White fairytale. When she activates the mirror, Kayla is gifted the ability to curse her enemies, but is soon using curses by accident and must try and learn to control her new power before becoming wicked herself.

PHANTASM FIVE written and created by JJ Barnes


Teen / Urban Fantasy / Horror

When Misty Matthew’s grandmother dies, she inherits a trunk full of mystical tools and books used by her grandmother to contact the dead. Together with her best friends, she sets up a club to continue her grandmother’s legacy, but soon learns that only are not all spirits friendly, but some are downright dangerous, and the town they live in is riddled with beings just waiting to be discovered.

OUTSIDERS written and created by JJ Barnes


Teen / Urban Fantasy / Alien

Holly is part of a family of extraterrestrials, granted top secret refugee status on Earth in exchange for protection. When her new friends discover who she really is, she must hide their knowledge from her parents for their own safety. Together, Holly and her new friends discover an alien menace working deep under the town that’s a much bigger threat than they ever imagined.

BONDED BY MAGIC written and created by JJ Barnes


Childrens / Fantasy / Cartoon

Fairy princess Leila and Unicorn princess Lauren are both seventh daughters of seventh daughters, and about to partake in their bonding ceremony to strengthen and unify their magical powers. But right before the ceremony, the dastardly Lizard King kidnaps Lauren intending to steal the power from her horn. With the help of her fairy friends, Leila rescues her, but the Lizard King has a secret plan to infiltrate the fairies friendships and steal their power.

WHAT IVY WANTS written and created by JJ Barnes


Women / Comedy / Drama

On her 30th birthday, Ivy Rhodes loses her job, her husband and her home. She is faced with starting a new life with no idea who she really is and what she really wants. With the help of her parents and her best friends, and a few mistakes along the way, she starts to work out what she wants and how to get it.

THEY'RE IN THE DARK written and created by JJ Barnes


Thriller/ Horror / Drama

On their way to a tense family weekend away, a family encounter a strange hooded man standing in the middle of the road. After they manage to get past him, teenage Jessica reveals she has been followed by the man before. At first the family are alarmed by this revelation, but soon doubt is cast on Jessica’s sanity as a stranger joins the family gathering and more strange things seem to be happening to her.

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