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JJ Barnes, author, writer, screenwriter, podcaster
The Lost Experience Podcast featuring JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney

JJ Barnes is an author, writer, screenwriter and podcaster with Siren Stories. Here you can find links to all her work and social media, enter the Siren Stories competition to win signed books and merchandise, and find out about JJ's upcoming projects.


Nature-Girl Vs Worst Nightmare

by Rose McKinney and JJ Barnes

With the help of her six year old daughter, Rose, JJ has co-written the first book in the new Siren Small brand of books for children aged 6-12. Due for release Autumn 2019!


Inspired by JJ's first book, Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, the new single from Jonathan McKinney, Lilly's Theme, is out now to stream on Amazon Music, Spotify and YouTube Music, or available to buy on iTunes.

Books by JJ Barnes, The Lilly Prospero Series, Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven
Gracemarch, written and created by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, produced by Artisan Films and Siren Stories

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